We are situated in Osaka where a lot of tuning events and drift events are on every weekend.
Since I have lived abroad for years, I can understand the needs of JDM products for its quality and also the difficulties to purchase them...

Our services...
- Provide new JDM autoparts including original genuine parts
- Represent for you on auctions for discontinued items and used parts.
- Technical support for installments, manual translations, etc.

AP Connection can support all the needs for JDM products and support mechanical trouble shooting.
We specialize in drifting industry and as well as selling parts for SR20DET engines and other JDM parts, we are seeking to propose an event where you can improve your drifting techniques taught by D1 drivers...

If you have any queries, please e-mail us or send a query form.


Head office:  Kubota, Kaizuka, Osaka, Japan
Tel: +81 724 575 351
Fax: +81 724 573 361
E-mail: info@ap-connection.com



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